Wednesday, 23 March 2016 15:24

Las Tunas Stainless Steel Company Introduce Technological Improvements

Written by Jorge Perez Cruz / Photo by the Author
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Las Tunas.- More than 35 technological improvements aimed at automating the production processes have been introduced into the stainless steel plant in Las Tunas, since its inauguration, in 1992, to date.


The electronic engineer Gilberto Julio Perez Cancio, senior specialist of the Automatics Group, confirms that these interventions include the migration to more advanced technologies, which contributes to a better exploitation of the installed capacities.

Those applications, in the opinion of managers and specialists, have become a tool for decision-making by the factory's technical and administrative personnel, and for the accurate diagnosis of faults, from the historical database of key variables of the productive processes.

The last three implemented that favored the management in the smoke plant, the electric arc furnace and the monitoring and control system of the production of billets and corrugated bars, are enough to illustrate.

Pérez Cancio pointed out that the continuity of the industry is guaranteed way, taking into account the obsolescence of its technology and the lack of investment to modernize it.

Experts agree that also contribute to humanize work, the environmental protection, increase the quality of steel, improve efficiency, reduce interruptions in manufacturing operations and allow a better use of energy indicators.

As well as with the more efficient use of additives and ferroalloys used in steel production, resulting in lower costs and time of operations, which ensure a higher productivity.

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