Friday, 20 July 2018 21:10

New Research Center will Promote Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Las Tunas

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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Image of the project. Image of the project.

The construction of a center for research, training and development of technologies in the field of renewable energy sources was announced at the University of Las Tunas by Daniel Rodríguez Peña, director of the Center for Studies on Energy Efficiency and Technological Processes (CEEPROT), of the institution.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The installation will be built in the Lenin campus and responds to an international project managed by CEEPROT, whose main objective is to increase the use of renewable sources of energy in the territory, fundamentally those of greater potentials such as solar, biomass, wind and hydraulic.
The design of the building includes specialized classrooms and laboratories, machinery construction workshop and a demonstrative park for clean energy, among other spaces. It will also have a website, online digital library, a printed newsletter and a multidisciplinary team responsible for providing workshops, conferences, community activities and to develop research.
During the official inauguration of the project, with duration of five years, Rodríguez Peña informed that it has the funding of the Cuomo Foundation from the Monaco Principality, which stands out worldwide for sponsoring programs related to health, education and environment. He also explained that six communities of the province were selected to implement experiences, which can later be generalized to the rest.
The Master in Energy Efficiency said that CEEPROT will have the collaboration of the University of Oriente, the Metallurgical Mining Institute of Moa and the University of Cienfuegos, the latter being the most advanced in Cuba on these issues.

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