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More than 300 Doctors from Las Tunas at Home

Written by Misleydis González Ávila
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More than 300 Doctors from Las Tunas at Home Photo: ReyLópez

A total of 336 doctors returned to this province following the withdrawal of Cubans from the Más Médicos program, aimed at taking Primary Health Care to the poorest and most intricate communities in Brazil, as a result of the hostile position of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Vivian Virgen Báez Suárez, head of the Provincial Department of Collaboration, explained to 26Digital that the professionals returned in the flights initiated on November 14. At the time of the Brazilian president's announcements, 411 Las Tunas physicians were in the South American nation, of which 56 had been married to Brazilian citizens.

According to Báez, the rest must return on commercial flights in the coming days. All of them have their jobs secured; after enjoy their vacations, depending on their interests, they may opt for masters, doctorates and other courses of improvement.

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After the decision of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), the officials and cadres of the provincial and municipal health directorates, along with members of the political and mass organizations, visited the relatives of the doctors to clarify their concerns. Each of the health professionals was received with honors, granting them the certificate of Mission Accomplished, regardless of the time they had spent in the sister nation.

The program of collaboration in the health sector began in Cuba in 1963. Almost 60 years remain the will of those who raised an essentially humanistic and solidary system, which shares what it has. About 2,000 health workers from Las Tunas currently assist patients in 43 countries, mainly in Venezuela, Angola and Algeria.

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