Friday, 15 February 2019 21:33

Cuban President Praises Achievements of University of Las Tunas

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Cuban President Praises Achievements of University of Las Tunas Photos: István Ojeda

The president of the councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, praised the impetus of the students and professors of the University of this Eastern Cuban Province. "It is a motivation to come," said the statesman who had briefly spoken with the people and, in particular, with the self-employed in a craft market of this city.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- "Much has changed, and for better, the conditions of connectivity and the quality of the teaching staff," said the leader during his stay in the center of higher studies whose representatives presented him the main working guidelines of the College.

Díaz-Canel briefly spoke with the people and, in particular, with the self-employedThey specifically referred to the progress of the computerization of the campus, the training of qualified staff of pre and post graduate in matters related to renewable energy, the strategy to coordinate the broad debate of ideas that occurs in digital spaces, as well as advances in the doctoral training of the cloister. "We will have a more computerized university," said Díaz-Canel, while expressing confidence that the institution will advance in the accreditation of careers.

In addition to the Minister of Higher Education, José Ramón Saborido, and the highest Party and governmental authorities of the province, the meeting was attended by the holders of Construction, René Mesa Villafaña; of Justice, Oscar Silveira; of Labor and Social Security, Margarita González Fernández; as well as the first vice minister of Communications, Wilfredo González Vidal. The latters exposed the respective strategies of these ministries to strengthen the link of companies or organizations with the training centers of the future professionals of the nation. Díaz-Canel stressed the relevance of these contacts." Some ministers had never gone to universities," he said, a practice that judged harmful to the further development of the nation.

Before, the Cuban president toured for a few minutes the craft market adjacent to the Antonio Maceo Park, in the provincial capital, asking details about government attention to the private sector of the economy. In this regard, he urged the authorities to create zones such as this, which allow non-state management forms to carry out their activities with full legality. His presence generated the spontaneous influx of the local population eager to shake his hand and show their support.

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