Monday, 08 April 2019 23:28

New Investments in Las Tunas for Adaptation to Climate Change

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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The supply of water to populations affected by the drought is a priority in Las Tunas The supply of water to populations affected by the drought is a priority in Las Tunas

With the contribution of different sectors, this province plans to assign some 182 million pesos in 2019 to important investments that aim to adapt to climate change. The amount should be increased when other agencies declare what percentage of their budgets will be assigned to actions related to the Life Task State Plan.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Reynol Pérez Fernández, main specialist of the Environment Group of the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Science Technology and environment (CITMA), told 26Digital that saline intrusion, drought, sea level rise and coastal penetrations associated with extreme weather events are the problems that most affect the territory. The immediate efforts should be directed to mitigate and prevent the effects of these phenomena already visible.

Among the investments to be developed are those of the delegation of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, related to the activation of new sources for water supply to the communities most affected by the drought. The installation of three desalination plants in the coastal towns of La Herradura, Puerto Carúpano and Guayacán, the construction of interior pipelines for the aqueduct of Puerto Padre and the continuation of the installation of the water treatment plant of the Juan Sáez dam, as well as networks in " Jesús Menéndez "and Delicias, are the ones with the greatest impact.

The Agriculture sector, meanwhile, has the financing to set up 220 efficient irrigation systems and three electric central pivot irrigation machines that will cover an area of 80.52 hectares in the Vázquez productive pole, in the municipality of Puerto Padre. Similarly, they must relocate 2,800 hectares of sugarcane currently impacted by saline intrusion that will be damaged by the rise of the sea level in the future.

Other actions planned for the current calendar are the reforestation of 57 hectares of mangrove in Manatí and Puerto Padre, the construction of two new photovoltaic parks in the latter locality and the replacement of two kilometers of Casuarina equisetifolia in the dune of the Covarrubias beach. In addition, work will continue on the wind farms in "Jesús Menéndez" and the road from Corrella to La Llanita beach.

In 2018, an amount of 104 million 985,000 pesos were planned, which correspond to the 11 actions of the Life Task. Of that amount, 41 million 995 thousand were implemented for a 40 percent compliance of the financing. The non-compliances were associated with sectors such as agriculture, electricity and sugarcane that were unable to implement part of their investments due to the non-entry into the country of the equipment and technologies envisaged.

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