Monday, 08 April 2019 16:34

Members of UPEC National Presidency Exchange with Journalists from Las Tunas

Written by Iris Hernández Rodríguez
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Members of UPEC National Presidency Exchange with Journalists from Las Tunas Photos: ReyLópez

Ricardo Ronquillo Bello, national president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC by its Spanish acronym), and Ariel Terrero Escalante, vice president and director of the José Martí International Institute, exchanged here with executives of the base delegations, journalists and directors of the local press.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- How much can we do from the guild association and the newsrooms to transform the Cuban public media system?, could summarize some of the ideas shared by those present at the UPEC headquarters in Las Tunas; which gives continuity to the 10th Congress of this structure. In this regard, Ronquillo reflected on the current difficult political and economic environment for Cuba and the strategic nature of our work to generate the consensus that the country needs.

He also recognized the strengths and opportunities for communication, promoted specifically by Miguel Díaz-Canel, president of the Councils of State and Ministers. And he offered information about the steps to implement legal regulations, which support the certainty of a Socialist rule of law.

Meeting of members of the national presidency of UPEC with journalists from Las Tunas

Ariel Terrero commented that the experience of the 26 Newspaper in the performance from an integrated editorial staff and hypermediality, which led, among other results, to obtain several important prizes, will be shared as a good practice in the final workshop of the current course of Hypermedia Journalism, at the José Martí International Institute, in Havana. István Ojeda, awarded for two consecutive years in this category at the Juan Gualberto Gómez National Contest, will represent the 26Digital staff there and will explain our ways of doing in this area.

Ramiro Segura, director of 26 Newspaper, said that the main challenge at this time continues to be becoming the ears and voice of the people, to have more influence of the public agenda on journalistic materials; in this way, the press organ seeks to give answers to the audiences.

Some of the attendees agreed on the importance of being prepared to cover unpredictable phenomena, have the ability to respond quickly and responsibly, and take into account the increasing presence of users on social networks.

This meeting of members of the national presidency of the journalistic guild organization with journalists from Las Tunas is part of a journey that previously included the base delegations of the municipalities in the north of the territory and other neighboring provinces.

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