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May Day: With Firm Steps for the Revolution

Written by Jorge Pérez Cruz
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May Day: With Firm Steps for the Revolution Photo: ReyLópez

Leobanys Ávila Góngora, general secretary of the Workers' Central Union of Cuba (CTC) in the province says that "this May Day around 130 thousand inhabitants from Las Tunas, workers, their families and students will march to the Major General Vicente García González Plaza, with firm steps for the Homeland and the just causes of the peoples of the world."


Las Tunas, Cuba.- He explains that similar acts will take place simultaneously in the heads of the other seven municipalities, where some 115,500 people will parade in support to the new Constitution proclaimed last April 10th.

"We will take the squares with the motto 'Commitment, unity and victory', the same that presided over the organic process of the 21st Congress of the CTC, whose agreements will receive the unrestricted support of the people. Such agreements are focused on preserving the achievements of socialism in the Island and national sovereignty, to face the growing threats of imperialism."

Leobanys Ávila Góngora, CTC general secretary in Las TunasÁvila Góngora highlights among the main motivations, the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Union and the 60th of the triumph of the Revolution. "We will demand the immediate lifting of the blockade, reject the implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, reaffirm our support to the principles of socialism and manifest the decision to participate actively in the updating of the economic and social model, conscious of the leading role of the working class in this objective."

He assures that the Day of the World Proletariat will be another day of reaffirmation of our principles of solidarity and internationalism, so that the voices will be raised to demand the cessation of aggressions and interference in the internal affairs of the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. "We are going to proclaim support for just causes in the face of the hegemonic intentions of the Government of the United States and its lackeys in Latin America and the world."

He explains that at 6:30 am, the concentration will begin at the points enabled for each group and at 7:30 "the parade will begin after listening to the concept of Revolution exposed by the undefeated Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, on May 1st, 2000."

This time, the Health Union will lead the massive mobilization, which has been preceded by events in communities and popular councils, and voluntary works in activities linked to the sugar harvest, food production and the fundamental investments of the territory.

As part of the jubilee for the anniversary, emulative movements were organized that promoted the fulfillment of the technical-economic plans; meetings were held with veteran trade union leaders and tours over work centers by work heroes and combatants of Girón. In addition, they will perform the traditional political-cultural gala and the act of decorations.

He concludes saying that "we are convinced that it will be another occasion of revolutionary reaffirmation with convincing messages of not renouncing the glory we have lived, because it inspires us in this crucial battle for survival as a nation, the imperishable example of its founding fathers and we will not defraud them."

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