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This Is How May Day Was Lived in Las Tunas (+Photo gallery)

Written by Luz Marina Reyes Caballero
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This Is How May Day Was Lived in Las Tunas (+Photo gallery) Photos: ReyLópez

The contagious joy, slogans and initiatives of the different unions marked May Day parade, when the people of Las Tunas once again demonstrated their support to socialism as fairer social model and the only path to development.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Every year the workers demand the end of the blockade, and this time the extraterritorial nature of Title III of the Helms-Burton Law was denounced. The non-state sector attended the march to support these principles of the Revolution and consolidate its contribution in the fundamental tasks for economic efficiency.

Aniuska Licea GonzálezFOR CUBA

Aniuska Licea González is a woman who, from her job as a lessor, contributes to economic development and her convictions impelled her to participate in the parade.

"The non-state sector is a necessary complement in Cuban society," she said. "It is an opening to new designs of the economy, it is important to be here because unionization allows us to take steps and not only claim rights, but also to accompany us as Cubans, as revolutionaries and worthy defenders of the Homeland."


The traditional parade in the eight municipalities of the province also expressed unconditional support for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuelaand its legitimate President Nicolás Maduro and for the ¡Lula libre! Campaign.

A sea of posters in defense of justice marked every moment of the event to say NO to the expansionist and hegemonic intentions of the Government of the United States. The defense of just causes and world peace is not only a claim of the workers, but also of the youngest Cubans who went out to the streets to march on May Day.

Beatriz TamayoBeatriz Tamayo Ramírez is one of those girls who feels proud of being Cuban and reaffirmed that it is a satisfaction to parade with the workers of the city.

"With the slogan 'Unity, commitment and victory' we reaffirm our duty to be with the Party, the workers and the Young Communists League. Here in May Day parade, and in all the others that the country's leadership needs, we will always be there."


Being a farmer is a pride, especially when among the revolutionary insignias is the Bandera 60 Aniversario of the promulgation of the Agrarian Reform Law, which accompanied the block of agricultural workers.

This attribute went through some municipalities on its journey through the territory, on visits to cooperatives and historic places. And it was a joy that the Day of the Proletariat accompanied the peasants, who also reaffirmed the conviction that this Revolution will not give up, and it will continue fighting for a better world.

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

2019 May Day Parade in Las Tunas

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