Friday, 10 May 2019 12:43

Las Tunas is Committed to Technologies for Local Development

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Las Tunas is Committed to Technologies for Local Development Photo: István Ojeda Bello

The Territorial Workshop of the National Internet Governance Forum that was held in this city, focused the discussions on the articulation of initiatives, projects and decisions that highlight computerization as a fundamental tool for a better local development


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The initiative convened, as a platform, specialists from the academic, legal, governmental, business and media sectors to discuss public policy on the Internet and promote concrete actions to eliminate obstacles, deficiencies or identified problems that affect the performance of citizenship in digital platforms.

The debate on issues such as cyber security, the digital economy, research, innovation and regulations for the use of information and communication technologies, provided ideas such as the need to design projects based on the needs of the population and closer to their realities.

Under the slogan Internet: Social justice and sustainable human development, the ethical and cultural challenges of the web were also discussed, aspects in which digital inclusion continues to be based on the elimination of gender and age gaps, as well as the territorial and cultural ones.

In this sense, the exhibition of Libertad radio station, in Puerto Padre, showed how, based on good practices from different professionals and consensus among managers, the web can be a healthy space for exchange and socialization without any kind of discrimination.

With the presence of Tatiana Delgado Fernández, vice president of the Union of Computing Specialists of Cuba, the progress of Las Tunas in this branch was highlighted, related to the use of transport, commerce, agriculture and the environment, with emphasis on the use of renewable sources of energy.

Internet governance refers to the mechanisms related to the evolution and use of the network of networks, an initiative that in Cuba adopts the multi-stakeholder scheme, since it encourages the inclusion of people and organizations belonging to the academic sector, the technical community, industry, civil society and governments, who participate in equity of conditions in the various events promoted by society.

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