Thursday, 16 May 2019 11:20

Antonio Guiteras Sugar Mill Keeps the Harvest Alive in Las Tunas

Written by Juan Soto Cutiño
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Antonio Guiteras Sugar Mill Keeps the Harvest Alive in Las Tunas Photo: ReyLópez

Since the Colombia sugar mill enters the liquidation phase, now only the "Antonio Guiteras Colossus" processes sugarcane in Las Tunas, whose workers have assumed the role of closers of the harvests in the Balcón de Oriente for many years.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Such responsibility is due to the fact that historically harvesting can be done with tolerable results in the main indicators of industrial efficiency in May and even in June, in the northern region of the territory.

Fernando Cano Feria, director of the "Guiteras," did not hesitate a second to told 26Digital that "as long as there is raw material, the weather allows it and it is economically feasible, we will stay on campaign until the country determines it."

The production of the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill surpasses 66,200 tons, according to its director, and it is in technical conditions to process, not only of its own sugarcane but that from the Algeria Libre, Colombia, Majibacoa, Jesús Menéndez and Grito de Yara base business units for attention to agricultural producers, the latter located in the neighboring province of Granma.

On that basis and taking into account the "Uruguay", of Sancti Spíritus, only exceeds them by about 2600 produced tons, the workers of the "Colossus" of the municipality of Puerto Padre do not rule out the possibility of retake the crown of the Cuba's Largest Sugar Producer, lost in the previous year when they barely produced 39,666 tons.

Las Tunas has already produced around 150 thousand tons, 87 percent of its plan for the 2018-2019 sugar harvest.

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