Thursday, 16 May 2019 11:51

Las Tunas Farmers Increase Hiring of their Productions to the State

Written by Róger Aguilera - ACN
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Las Tunas Farmers Increase Hiring of their Productions to the State Photo: István Ojeda Bello

Farmers and cooperative associates in the province of Las Tunas agreed to contract to the State more than 90 percent of their production this year, after new exchanges with leaders of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Such commitment is valued as a significant leap, taking into account that initially the hiring did not exceed 80 percent, according to Eblis Téllez Tamayo, official of the organization in the territory. The dialogues were carried out casuistically with the different productive forces, which considered leaving an indispensable part of the agricultural products for family self-consumption and the workers hired.

López Tamayo explained to the Cuban News Agency that the response of the ANAP associates has been very positive. To date, the official added, the cooperative and peasant sector of the province overcomes the commitment of sales to the State in the different products, although the production of vegetables is lower than in the same stage of the previous year.

On this reality, Pérez Tamayo argued that at the beginning of 2019 the potential in the production decreased, because large landholders who received new areas in usufruct automatically became integrated into state forms, such as agricultural, forestry and sugar companies, according to it is established by Decree Law 358/18.

To this is added, he said, the insufficient availability of resources for land preparation and not receiving the adequate support of the entities that are in charge of providing services to the sector. However, the farmers and cooperative members comply with their respective planting plans so far this year, a good result taking into account that this sector contributes 92 and 86 percent of agricultural products and milk, respectively, which are distributed in the province.

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