Friday, 17 May 2019 11:01

Meteoro Popular Drill: Reducing Vulnerabilities, the Possible Goal

Written by Luz Marina Reyes Caballero
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Meteoro Popular Drill: Reducing Vulnerabilities, the Possible Goal Photo: ReyLópez

The National Civil Defense Staff announced that the 2019 Meteoro Popular Drill will take place on May 18 and 19, with a view to strengthening the province's capacities to face disasters of natural, technological and health origin.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- As reported by Lieutenant Colonel Elfio Martí Beatón, Chief of Civil Defense of the Military Region, on Saturday, the first day, the main purpose will be the preparation of the management and command bodies through different methods, while on Sunday, there will be activities and practical actions to reduce vulnerabilities and to face disaster risks.

With the participation of entities, communities and the population, this strategy has as premise to specify the measures foreseen in each stage of the process of disaster risk reduction, in order to mitigate the impact; besides verifying the state of completeness of the assurance of the forces that are organized for the response and recovery in situations of catastrophe.

He specified that special attention will be paid to the training of the members of the governing bodies, the commissions for the protection of the population, the damage and needs assessment groups and personnel of the Procedures Office for victims during accidents. The communication system in the country's emergency network will be pointed out; at the same time they will check the warning and orientation system to the citizens.

They foresee the increase of the disclosure on the code of conduct in disaster situations through the media and other alternative means, the Family Guide for the protection against tropical storms, compliance with provisions of the phases established by Civil Defense and surveillance of the dangers, vulnerabilities and risks.

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