Friday, 17 May 2019 13:39

Farmers Defend Cuba

Written by Luz Marina Reyes Caballero
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"Rejoice, brother, the land is ours!" It was the cry that shook Cuba that May 17, 1959, when the injustice was ended and the lands of the landowners passed into the hands of their rightful owners, the farmers, with the signing of the first Agrarian Reform Law.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The 60th anniversary this revolutionary milestone is commemorated today; and the men and women who make their best in the furrow arrive at the celebration of the Cuban Peasant Day with sustained results in agricultural and livestock production.

Although our nation is going through difficulties in the productive order, the effort of this sector is increasing with the aim to replace imports, increase yields, and promote alternatives and innovation in the face of the need for supply and conditions for crops.

Roberto Medrano Ledesma, ANAP president in Las Tunas                                    Roberto Medrano Ledesma     Photo: Luz MarinaRoberto Medrano Ledesma, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the province confirms that they marks the date with the fulfillment of several goals related to productive plans and indicators of the organization's functioning, such as the increase in the number of associates .

"Since 2014, the production in the territory grows between two and five percent in each indicator, and we fulfill all the contracted orders, although the demand of the people is still not met," he said.

So far this year we maintain these indexes, but the vegetables were very affected and we want to recover them completely before the end of the semester," Medrano explained.

The farmers concentrate their forces in the much-needed import substitution; such is the case of corn with more than four thousand hectares that must be planted to obtain nearly seven thousand tons, expecting yields much higher than those of previous calendars.

Likewise they work continuously to guarantee the animal feed, mainly with cassava, crop residues such as sweet potato and the program of short-cycle sowings that they carry out in each cooperative, in order to encourage self-sufficiency in the municipalities.

"The 60th anniversary of the Agrarian Reform Law has also been a motivation for the sugarcane farmers, seven of the platoons immersed in the harvest reached a million arrobas cut and we hope to fulfill the plan of 286 thousand tons hired by the sugar mills," he pointed out.


In 2019, the tax campaign has marked the guild. It is a still new issue that requires training. At the end of April, 94 percent of the more than 11,700 producers who must submit their sworn statements had already delivered it.

"The State budget has received an injection of more than four million pesos for this concept, mainly in terms of personal income, and we conclude the income tax declaration process of the Credit and Services cooperatives (CCS), except for those dedicated to sugar cane, which will do it when the harvest schedule is closed.

"This experience will serve as a basis so that in future years there will not be so many concerns," explained Medrano Ledesma.


Agricultural cooperative in Las Tunas

Many are those who stand out when it comes to giving birth to the Earth. A group of outstanding farmers and cooperative received the National Vanguard certificate from ANAP in the context of this celebration.

The condition was granted to the cooperatives of agricultural production Calixto Sarduy (Las Tunas), Julio Díaz (Majibacoa), Alianza Obrero-Campesina ("Amancio"); and those of credits and services Reytel Jorge ("Jesus Menéndez"), Osvaldo Figueredo (Jobabo), Romárico Cordero ("Colombia"), Antonio Fernández (Majibacoa) and Mártires de Manatí (Manatí).

"Now the challenge is to increase yields in each area, which is possible because we have many competent producers who in a few plots obtain great achievements", concluded the peasant leader.

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