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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 12:49

Construction of Wind Farm in Las Tunas is in Full Swing

Written by Róger Aguilera - ACN
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Construction of Wind Farm in Las Tunas is in Full Swing Photo: Luis E. Escobar

The Construction and Assembly Company of Las Tunas continues working in the casting of the bases of La Herradura 1 wind farm that rises on the north coast of the province.


Las Tunas.- This work means the beginning of the final stage of "white helmets" in this park, which since 2013 began opening trails between weeds, the construction of kilometers of roads, the installation of concrete processing plants and the realization of the induced works.

They are working simultaneously on the construction of the electrical substation for transmitting the energy generated through the wind to the National Electric Power System (SEN).

The engineer Abdo Salah Alnumair, main specialist of the entity, told the Cuban News Agency that for the casting of each of the two bases already completed - in a cavity of 2.70 meters in depth and 16 in diameter - they needed 40 tons of steel (corrugated bars) and 360 tons of cement, equivalent to 7, 200 bags.

Of the 34 wind turbines, 22 arrived, but the assembly will begin when the rental of the special crane needed for the complex task is agreed on, taking into account the dimension of the tower and other accessories, which is 70 meters, divided in 33 sections.

When the lifting technology arrives, there must be enough finished bases to take advantage of the rent; even the 34 ferrules, which work as junction between the base of the wind turbine and the first section of the tower, are already near the park.

In the same area, in the municipality of Jesus Menéndez, the conditions are created to proceed with the work corresponding to the La Herradura 2 park, designed for 20 wind turbines, smaller than La Herradura 1, but with greater power, hence the generation will be the same: 50 Megawatts per hour (MW / hour) each.

Las Tunas, which consumes an average of 112 MW / hour, could achieve self-supply from this source renewable energy several years before 2030, if the parks generate the 100 MW expected, subjected to the behavior of the winds.

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