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Value of Expo Fair as a Link between Business, Government and University Highlighted in Cuba’s Las Tunas Province

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Value of Expo Fair as a Link between Business, Government and University Highlighted in Cuba’s Las Tunas Province Photos: István Ojeda

Participants in the Expo Fair Las Tunas 2019, included in the 2nd International Scientific Convention, coincided in highlighting the value of this space, promoted by the University of Las Tunas, as a forum for exchange between businessmen, government authorities and the academic world.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- More than a dozen productive and service companies, as well as projects carried out by the private sector, explored business opportunities and competed for the excellence award.

The Tecnoazúcar trading company made the presentation of its products portfolio headed by the Conde de Cuba rum, aged 15 years; the Computer Applications Company (Desoft) showed its proposals to streamline business processes and electronic government; and the Electric Company emphasized its current commitment to renewable energies.
The Corporation COPEXTEL S.A and the Company of Design and Engineering (Crever) insisted, respectively, on their skills from technology, design and project of social and economic relevance in the territory.

The tourism sector housed a large space within the Expo Fair, with the largest representation, through its hotel chains based in Las Tunas (Islazul, Cubanacán and Popular Camping), complemented by its extra-hotel entities (Palmares and Caracol), without forgetting the providers of other services such as Transtur, and including also the technical force that is still being prepared in the Hotel and Tourism Schools.

The Trading Company of Agricultural Products, Frutas Selectas, the Fishing Company and the Metallic Productions Company (Duralmet); together with the base business unit of dressmaking, Melissa, and the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets represented the productive sector.

The exhibition area was visited by Ariel Santana Santiesteban, first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in the province who was interested in the characteristics of the main options of economic relations exhibited there. Santana, who is member of the PCC Central Committee stressed that the Expo Fair can contribute to find new exportable items aimed at increase Cuba's income in freely convertible currency.

Expo Fair Las Tunas 2019

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