Wednesday, 29 May 2019 14:35

Helms-Burton Act: Days of Reflection and Denunciations

Written by Jorge Pérez Cruz
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Helms-Burton Act: Days of Reflection and Denunciations Photo: Jorge Pérez

Reflection and denunciation assemblies are being held these days in labor and educational centers in the province, which have the Helms-Burton Act as the target issue, with emphasis on its Title III, whose activation on May 2nd has generated the rejection of Cubans and many countries in the world.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- This is the response of the workers to the call of the Workers' Central Union of Cuba (CTC) to the mobilization of all Cubans in defense of the legitimate rights of our nation over the assets that passed to the collective patrimony after the triumph of the Revolution; when they were nationalized in accordance with international norms and conventions.

Cuban workers reject full implementation of Title III of Helms-Burton ActIn these debates, specialists, professors, jurists, university professors participate, who expose the interventionist character of this law and give arguments to draw tactics and strategies in its popular confrontation.

In Las Tunas, the meetings become scenarios for collective reflection on that legal spawn that violates international law, which reveals the hegemonic anxieties of the Empire and its intensified purposes to defeat the Cuban Revolution, which since the triumph of January 1st, 1959, dignifies human rights of all the people.

The pronouncements are of total rejection, as the representatives of the more than 15 thousand affiliates of the agricultural, forestry and tobacco sector did, who recognized that the work is an irreplaceable tool to lessen the impact of the genocidal law; and there are reserves in the fields that serve as an antidote.

According to Alberto Zaldívar Almaguer, general secretary of the Provincial Bureau of that labor organization, the response to the Helms-Burton Act is "the conscious commitment to redouble efforts in order to raise yields of the productive bases and take better advantage of the advances of the science and technology in food production."

This is the conviction that prevails in all sectors and still with more emphasis on centers legally nationalized by the revolutionary government that today are oriented to medical care, education, production and services that positively impact on the standard of living of the population.

The study and complaints will continue in union assemblies, morning or evening meetings, conferences, plenary sessions and rallies.

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