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Las Tunas Strengthens Production of Building Materials

Written by Naily Barrientos Matos - ACN
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The production of construction materials is a priority in Las Tunas, where the results of this program allowed the completion of 531 houses by the end of April through the State forces, personal efforts and subsidies.


Las Tunas, Cuba - This figure corresponds to the aspiration to realize the National Housing Policy in the territory, which plans this year the construction of 1,659 houses through different modalities.

Regardless of the fact that in the first three months of the year, the National Housing Institute stressed that Las Tunas was the only province that complied with the program of subsidy and personal efforts; authorities and groups of the sector in the territory have not stopped the march to continue or accelerate that pace until the last day of the year.

An example of this, in addition to the buildings that are fabricated in the different municipalities, the provincial capital began work to build the largest housing pole in the territory, where a thousand buildings are expected to be built, from the adaptation of an old building that was not completed in the last years of the last century, and the construction of individual houses in the adjacent area.

Oscar Mantecón Licea, vice-president of the Administrative Board in Las Tunas, told ACN that in order to improve the housing fund, the province has 28 mini-industries that produce materials and set up 14 others in rural popular councils.

He explained that Las Tunas produces most of the basic lines for the construction of houses, and added that at the end of April they surpassed the predictions in obtaining resources such as sand and stone, concrete blocks and counter tops, floors and plastic connections, billed in a small local factory.

He mentioned the effects on the production of frames, slats, sinks and solid concrete covers, due to the lack of steel and wire rod, although it is planned to implement the alternative of using Angolan mesh in the preparation of slabs.

Mantecón Licea said that they work to guarantee the use of traditional construction techniques for which they recover the roofs and take back the mud in the manufacture of bricks, fundamental procedures to raise the walls and roofs in the form of vaults. This technology was first used in Las Tunas in the 90's of the XX century. It is used again in the Blanca Rosa housing pole, in the municipality of Majibacoa.

He stressed that in correspondence with the National Housing Policy for the next 10 years, Las Tunas plans to enter more than 44 thousand homes, between new houses and rehabilitations, which will demand an increase in production capacities and higher quality of materials.

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