Monday, 10 June 2019 13:49

Housing Legalization Process Underway in Las Tunas

Written by Yuset Puig Pupo
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The new Regulation for the process of ordering and legalization of houses, rooms, accessories and premises without legal status has already entered into force, as part of the policy implemented by the Cuban State in the search for flexibility in the rules that manage these efforts.


Las Tunas, Cuba - Doris Aldana Barrera, specialist in Housing Law from the Provincial Direction of this sphere, assured 26Digital that the regulations published in the 33rd edition of the Official Gazette will be in force during the next six years, obeying an agreement of the Council of Ministers that involves the Ministries of Construction and Justice.

The lawyer says that "in Las Tunas, we have created the conditions in all the offices of procedures, to comply this task." Residences to be legalized are those with the status of permanent leases, in which illegal purchases were made in the past or constructions outside the law that were confiscated by the State at the time and given to the tenants in rent.

"The process also includes illegal construction with personal or state effort, the occupants of rooms or other structures (for example, the ancient tenements), and state premises. They include dwellings belonging to some entities (basic means) or associated to them."

The specialist insisted that to initiate the documentation it is indispensable that the leases are updated with the payments through the checkbooks or the bank certificate. In all cases, it is vital that the properties comply with the requirements of the Institute of Physical Planning and respect urban restrictions.

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