Wednesday, 09 August 2017 14:49

Las Tunas towards the Change of its Energy Matrix

Written by Roger Aguilera
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Another photovoltaic park must be finished in the remainder of the year. Another photovoltaic park must be finished in the remainder of the year. Photo: Rey López

Las Tunas.- The eastern province of Las Tunas can become one of the first in Cuba to change its energy matrix if the program for the implementation of solar and wind parks is fulfilled.

The territory took the first step towards that goal with the completion of the solar park in the rural community of Parada, near the city of Puerto Padre, which can save 891 tons of diesel annually.
The installation - of 2.2 megawatts (MW) - will be synchronized with the National Power Grid (SEN by its Spanish acronym) this month, while another park with twice its power must be finished in the same community in the remainder of the year, also for the benefit of the northern municipality.
Las Tunas, whose maximum daily demand is 112 MW, will be very close to self-supply of electricity by renewable sources, with the completion of the Herradura 1 and Herradura 2 wind farms on the northern coast of the Jesús Menéndez municipality, with an installed capacity of 51 MW each.
The province must have 282.8 MW of clean energy up to 2030, because a wind farm in the municipality of Manatí, seven solar parks, and a bioelectric plant per capita in the Antonio Guiteras, Majibacoa and Colombia sugar mills should be installed in stages after 2018.
Parallel to the development of this program, 194 solar modules have been set up in isolated homes, and the missing 472 are expected to receive this service during the second half of this year.
Some 31,000 people who live in rural communities have been benefited with the electrification of 10,400 homes in rural communities since 2011.

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