Monday, 16th January 2017

The Postman riding on Horseback

  • Written by Juan Morales Agüero

archivo hiostoricoThe extensive paperwork of the researcher Raul Addine Simon from Las Tunas, available on the Provincial Historic Archive, reserves interesting surprises. In his paperwork I noticed of the uniqueness of Las Tunas postal services in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

Colomer, the Old Garage of Las Tunas

  • Written by Juan Morales Agüero

Antigua zona ReymarThe construction of this central building dates probably from early last century, although it was recorded with a handwritten date of May 1938. Its owner was the Spaniard Don Pedro Colomer Moragues, hence the name by which the inhabitants of Las Tunas of the time knew the facility: The COLOMER GARAGE. For many yeats gasoline sold there to fill the tanks of the means of transport of the time.

The Siamese Twins of Las Tunas

  • Written by Juan Morales Agüero

siaemesasThese are Maylin and Mayelin Tellez Pupo the twins from province of Las Tunas within hours of being born. They were born by natural delivery on December 18th, 1973 in the maternity hospital in Victoria de Las Tunas.

Because of the complexity of the case, -they were born joined at the abdomen from the xiphoid to the umbilical region,- they were carried out to the Vladimir I. Lenin hospital, in the province of Holguin.

Maceo Park

  • Written by Juan Morales Agüero

Parque Maceo 3 copiaThe land where the park Maceo is located nowadays was idle land in the nineteenth century. The first baseball game, between a team of residents of Las Tunas and members of the U.S. Army stationed in the area, took place there in 1902.