Majibacoa sugar mill concluded the harvest

Despite the fact that the difficulties of all kinds and the danger of the new coronavirus did not allow tranquility in the 169 days that the harvest lasted, "the crew of the Majibacoa docked in the port" with more than 57 thousand 300 tons of sugar in its warehouses, an amount worthy of recognition, even though it represents 87 percent of the expected.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Their contribution to the national economy becomes more important, considering that only the two largest “ships” of the Cuban sugar fleet -the “Uruguay” and the “Antonio Guiteras,” from Sancti Spíritus and Las Tunas- were able to take advantage of it in this campaign, which will be remembered here as the most complex of those carried out in recent calendars.

However, Víctor Torres González, its director, confessed that a feeling of dissatisfaction prevails among the members of the collective, for not having shone as in the previous harvest; although, they also maintained positive results in the main indicators of industrial efficiency and in the production of sugarcane derivatives.

So, when this factory is going to the cleaning, disarmament, conservation and diagnosis phase (Technical Standard 52), only the “Antonio Guiteras Colossus,” whose collective has assumed, for many years the role of closer of the harvest in the province, continues milling. It will stop when there's no cane left or the rains completely imposed on the will of the agro-industrial workers.