The collection of this fruit must exceed 800 tons in the territory

Mango harvesting began in the municipalities of Jobabo and Majibacoa, which to date amounts more than 180 tons of the fruit, as part of the campaign that recently started in the province, now favored by rainfall.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Pablo César Ávila González, director of the Collection Company in Las Tunas, told 26Digital that the arrival of fresh fruit to the food industry of the territory already reaches more than 61 tons this month and for national production almost 82; while, in the retail network about 32 tons have already been put on the pallets.

In this campaign, said the manager, 416 tons were ratified by the producers for May, a figure that they expect to increase in the coming months, just when the fruit reaches its peak of maturation.

According to the figures, it is significant that in future stages other municipalities, in addition to those mentioned above, will join the harvest, such as Puerto Padre and Las Tunas; however, they consider that this year it will be fewer extensive compared to previous years, due to the intense drought that affected its yields.

The plan for industry and state orders in the year is 600 tons. However, the collection of this fruit must exceed 800 tons in the territory, and the difference will be marketed directly to the population in the different points of sale belonging to Agriculture or will be processed in mini-industries.

Ávila González explained that this season there are no problems with transportation for picking up at the fruit farms, since the necessary fuel and boxes are available for compliance with the task.