Monday, 16th January 2017

Unforgettable Memories

  • Written by maryla

Fidel on his visit to Vietnam in 1973.Hardly three days ago we were visited by a high-ranking leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Before leaving, he told me he wanted me to write something about my memories of my visit to the liberated territory of Vietnam during its heroic struggle against the Yankee troops in the southern region of that country.

In fact, I do not have much time for that at this moment, when much of the world is set to look for an answer to the news announcing that a war, with the use of lethal weapons, is about to break out in a critical corner of our globalized planet.

Reflections by Comrade Fidel: The Tariffed Lie

  • Written by maryla

Reflections by Fidel CastroWhat moved me to write was the fact that very serious events will be happening very soon. In our times, our species hardly spend ten or fifteen years without facing a true risk of disappearing. Neither Obama nor anybody else could ensure otherwise. I say this from a realistic perspective, since only the truth could offer to us a little more wellbeing and a breath of hope. We have come of age when it comes to knowledge. We have no right to deceive others or ourselves.

The overwhelming majority of the public opinion knows enough about the new risk ahead.

Fidel Castro: Objective Truths and Dreams

  • Written by maryla

Fidel Castro RuzThe human species reaffirms with frustrating force that it has existed for approximately 230 million years. I do not recall any affirmation that it has achieved any greater age. Other kinds of humans did exist, like the Neanderthals of European origin; or a third, the hominid of Denisova in North Asia but, in no case are there fossils more ancient than those of the homo sapiens of Ethiopia.

On the other hand, similar remains exist of numerous species living then, such as dinosaurs, the fossilized remains of which date back more than 200 million years.

A War with Korea Must be Avoided

Reflections by Fidel CastroA few days ago I referred to the great challenges humankind is facing today. Intelligent life has been on our planet for around 200,000 years, unless some new discoveries show otherwise.

Not to confuse the existence of intelligent life with the existence of life itself which, from its elementary forms in our solar system, came into being millions of years ago.

A practically infinite number of life forms exist.