Favorable conditions for the occurrence of rains will be maintained in the remainder of May

The 23 reservoirs managed by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources in the province of Las Tunas are at 42 percent of their total filling capacity, which puts the territory in better conditions for food production, an urgent need in the current circumstances.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- At the end of the first fortnight of May, 147.4 million cubic meters of water accumulated in the eight municipalities; a figure far from what is needed but stimulating taking into account the intense and prolonged drought that affected the region in recent months, and that the agricultural sector is responsible for guaranteeing a good part of the food for the population.

The liquid reserves are due, to a large extent, to the rainfall of the last days, which favored all the municipalities of Las Tunas, with an accumulated average of some 120 millimeters, according to Mirtha García Rojas, delegate of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources.

The Juan Sáez dam, in the municipality of” Jesús Menéndez,” with capacity for 112 million cubic meters, stores just over 21 million, i.e. the 28 percent, and a more favorable situation is expected when the frequency of the rains increases in Holguín, from where the water drains.

However, the entire province is in better conditions for the development of agricultural activities, especially the spring planting campaign in the different productive poles of the territory and the attention to livestock, as well as the development of pasture and forage areas with the view in the return of the dry stage.

According to specialists from the Provincial Meteorological Center, the favorable conditions for the occurrence of rains will be maintained in the remainder of May, since the high moisture content at low and medium levels, evening instability and other factors will cause downpours.