Savings will continue to be an indispensable premise.

In the current summer stage, when the incidence of high temperatures converges with a greater number of people in homes, electricity consumption tends to increase its numbers, but thanks to the control and rational use of energy, Las Tunas maintains stable positive results.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Anisley Santiesteban Velázquez, director of commercial services at the Las Tunas Electricity Company, commented to 26Digital that as a result of the discipline of the state and residential sectors, the territory is falling short of the plans of consumption on significant values, about 1.4 gig watts, without considering the company ACINOX Las Tunas, which represents a volume of diesel fuel that is no longer spent in the country.

“We carry out an analysis with and without the consumption of ACINOX - the manager pointed out - because this center has peculiarities in its production process, it works by campaigns and receives authorization from the National Energy Council to maintain its consumption levels during the daytime peak hours because of the profits it brings to the national economy. In both cases, our figures are positive.

"In the province, as in all of Cuba, a series of measures have been applied to detect inefficiencies in energy consumption. The route inspections, where state and domestic customers are included, stand out. As a result of this check, at the close of the last month, 46 frauds were detected representing about 67 megawatts stopped billing.

“We are also immersed in conciliating all the services with the Agriculture companies, which will provide us with real knowledge of each one and determine which one to assign an energy plan to and also check the productive indices, find out if they are efficient or not.”

Anisley said that within its actions is the control of 129 state customers, most consumers, who represent 80 percent of all the energy in the sector, based on the information generated by the Office for the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE) of their consumption in months.

The manager pointed out that to maintain positive balances it is necessary to continue saving electricity in both the state and residential sectors, especially during peak hours.