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Buffalo fattening farm

Behind a gate, on one side of the Central Highway and in the vicinity of the Jobabito community, a buffalo fattening center comes to life, right where the vast pasture of the Gustavo Fraga base business unit (UEB) used to be.

The environment changed from work and with a lot of effort; and today it is congratulating to see 30 paddocks with their electric fencing, because these are strong animals that sometimes “do not respect” neither poles nor traditional wires.

Buffalo fattening farmWhere there was a lot of natural grass, you can only see the terrain marked by deep footsteps. There is no grass there anymore; but a large roof serves as a shade shed, as does the huge tree that from one corner of the main area also helps a lot.

There is a container of honey, several feeders and drinkers, although the water is brought from afar until a nearby well can be started. And also, there is a group that grew up in the conditioning of the place and the attention to the animals, which, as they say, "are not as fierce as they are painted, rather they are docile and organized."

"It is satisfying to see what has already been done." This is how Yurixander Escalona Osorio, general director of the Las Tunas Agricultural Company, assures that "the fundamental objective is fattening, to substitute imports."

That is why Antonio Pérez Vázquez, director of the UEB, is happy. He knows that the work never ends, but the workers will earn a much higher salary and the result will be visible in a short time.

Buffalo fattening farm"We have a very favorable situation. There are seven hectares for 30 animals that will be between three and four months and there is availability of natural pastures.

"In the UEB there are five dairy farms, which will pay tribute to the zootechnical flow. Besides these, we have development, improvement and fattening. We even want to open two more fattening farms, because it has been shown that it is a good way to produce meat."

Antonio is right in his projections, because, under all conditions, a buffalo increases a pound and a half a day.

"If you take into account, three farms dedicated to fattening, with 30 animals each, three times a year, results in a large amount of meat. And here it may be possible, because we prioritize their feeding. We have multi-nutritional blocks and we are fostering the planting of protein plants, such as mulberry, Mexican sunflower, and moringa.”

It is still too early to assess how much meat can be obtained, because only a few weeks ago the farm went into operation and no delivery has been made to the slaughterhouse. But the intentions, the will, and the requirements of current circumstances predict good results.