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Working visit by the president of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Osvaldo Vento Montiller.

The sports movement in this eastern province is ready to assume - it has been doing so - the main tasks in the current recovery stage after the COVID-19.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This was confirmed in a working visit by the president of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Osvaldo Vento Montiller.

After supporting the defense councils in each of the eight municipalities of the province in facing the pandemic, members of the sports movement are now facing preparations for the summer recreational offers, which will officially begin on July 11.

They are also in charge of preparing the resumption of the 2019-2020 school year in September and the start of the 60 National Baseball Series, for which there is an improved Julio Antonio Mella Stadium as the main venue, and the "Ramón Álvarez Martí", in Calixto, Majibacoa, 10 kilometers from this city, as an alternative installation.

Las Tunas currently has one of the best starter rosters in the country, within the Leñadores team, National Champion in 58 Series, and the only one that has won the right to rise to the podium in the last three seasons.

Under the aegis of a seasoned technical group, led by the manager Pablo Civil, 45 players will concentrate from the first of August in the "Mella" in search of the dream of dressing green and red in 60 Series, a goal that will make 34 of them.

The top manager of baseball in Cuba, Ernesto Reinoso, knew in Las Tunas the great intention of the Leñadores to qualify to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year, and there to fight to regain the crown, lost to Matanzas in January of this fateful 2020, in the 59 Series.

Supporting the celebration of the National Baseball Series will be one of the tasks of hundreds of sports workers in Las Tunas, who are also in charge of the summer season.

The general director of INDER's Physical Education and Sport for All programs, José Cedeño, learned first-hand that professionals in Las Tunas are ready and motivated to offer healthy and safe recreational activities, complying with policies to avoid large concentrations of people.

For this reason, options will be diversified in the communities, and the work teams will multiply to reach them more and more.

Bio-healthy and physical culture gyms, parks, bathing and recreational areas, centers of the vacation plan and a school in each popular council, will be the places where the people of Las Tunas will most find the offers of the sports movement in the Summer for Life.

In Las Tunas, work has been done for a few weeks in the preparations to resume the 2019-2020 school year in September, and then face the 2020-2021 course from November.

The Sports Education centers will welcome their students with joy, because they have been missing them since March, there are cloisters of prepared teachers and committed technical groups, who have maintained ties with their students in the times of pandemic.

The head of Sports, Osvaldo Vento, visited the Carlos Leyva sports initiation school (EIDE). There he verified the difficult living conditions, which have improved due to repair and maintenance works in recent weeks, although more complex repairs are still pending in the hydro-sanitary network and the gym court.