Tuesday, 28 May 2019 22:27

Cuba Won 2019 Pan-American Judo Cup

Written by ACN
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Cuba Won 2019 Pan-American Judo Cup Photo: ACN

Cuba won with five gold, one silver and four bronze medals, the 2019 Pan-American Judo Cup held this weekend at the Roberto Duran Arena, in Panama City, with the participation of 156 athletes from 26 countries.


Havana, Cuba.- It was an outstanding performance, since several of its main figures were not present for prioritizing the Grand Prix of Hohhot, China, where they won one title through Idalis Ortiz (+78 kg), and two bronze medals with Iván Silva (90) and Kaliema Antomarchi (78).

In the Chinese tournament, where points for the world and Olympic ranking were granted, also competed Magdiel Estrada (73) and Andy Granda (+100), who finished seventh both, and Maylín del Toro (63), who lost in her debut.
In Panama City, the five Cuban champions were Vanesa Godínez (48), Nahomys Acosta (52), Anailis Dorvigne (57), Onix Cortés (70) and man Liester Cardona (100).

In addition, Osniel Solís (66) was runner-up, while the bronze medals went to woman Arnaes Odelín (57) and men Roberto Almenares (60), Jorge Martínez (81) and José Armenteros (100).

The Dominican Republic (3-2-3) and Brazil (3-2-2) escorted Cuba in the awards podium. (acn)

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