Bank branches continue ensuring physical distance and the protection of external and internal customers

The Banking System is also in the first phase within the post-COVID-19 recovery stage that almost all the country is going through. As confirmed by representatives of the Popular Savings Banks (BPA) and Credit and Commerce Banks (BANDEC) in Las Tunas, all its branches continue to limit the number of clients, thus ensuring physical distance and the protection of external and internal customers.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- While BPA announced that its branches are now open Monday through Friday between 8:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon; Bandec restored its usual hours on the mentioned days. In both, operations are maintained with cash for the population and entities, in the national currency (CUP), convertible pesos (CUC), and freely convertible currency.

In compliance with the indications issued by the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), the priority continues to promote Electronic Banking services for legal and natural persons, since these enable the self-management of payments without the physical presence in the branches. This is the case of domiciled payrolls, fund transfers, check deposits, income to the budget, payment of services, limits of withdrawals and credits from their accounts, among others.

Likewise, the credit areas will continue to grant financing to both the state and non-state sectors, and attend to the suspension and renegotiation of financing in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 55/2020 of the BCC, whose validity after June 30 was extended by 90 more days.

Retirees or pensioners continue having priority in the first three hours of operation for the collection of their pensions. They may also continue to designate a family member or person of trust, with proper identification of both, for the collection of their pensions. That operation, if they so wish, may be carried out at any bank branch or at the exchange offices (CADECA).

BANDEC, for example, continues issuing cards to Social Security beneficiaries, according to schedules reconciled with the National Social Security Institute, as well as the issuance of Multibanca cards for access to electronic payment channels Transfermóvil, Kiosco Bandec, Telephone Banking and Virtual Bandec; so that their clients manage their operations from anywhere and at any time without having to go to the branches.

The representatives of the Banking System emphasize that the expiration time of magnetic cards in the period in which these measures are in force is extended. Commercial and service establishments may accept them even if they are past due, so that consumers can purchase the products.