The affiliates of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) in Las Tunas are immersed in important tasks

The previous calendar, disrupted by the presence of the new coronavirus in the territory, even without major incidents, was a very intense year for the affiliates of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) in Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In the midst of the new normality, the organization continues to carry out intense days of confrontation with the pandemic from different sectors, always with the goal of supporting where more help is required.

Yaneidys Pérez Cruz, secretary of the FMC in the province, comments to 26 that the danger of the COVID-19 warrants that the federated women do not "lower their guard" and, therefore, they are active; and they always respond present to any new challenge.

"The timely participation of our grassroots leaders in each community has been decisive in achieving epidemiological stability, Yaneidys affirms, both in the identification of travelers, the daily searches, as well as in the support and check-up of families in quarantine.”

"Today the federated women remain active with the Basic Health Group in the neighborhoods. We are proud of the actions carried out by many young women who assume the messaging function and are caring with great affection for families with higher risks."

The leader specified that, at this time, the FMC's political process is being developed to assess the Ordering Task from the care and identification of economically vulnerable people, and in most cases, the organization provides support to these nuclei.

"Our battle is far from over," the secretary emphasized. "From homes we continue to boost food production, incorporating new patios into the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture programs. There have already been more than 500 from January to date and much progress has been done, especially in the sowing of fresh condiments.

"It must be said that we are encouraging the delivery of these condiments to the Family Attention System facilities, to improve the food of the grandparents. The federated women are not oblivious to the needs of the most vulnerable groups and we want to make our presence felt in these canteens. The creative women's program, on the other hand, promotes making cloths to cover food and beautify the premises dedicated to this work.

"We have also been supporting, from the community, the sugar harvest. From the grassroots structures, attention is guaranteed to the families of sugar workers and we have wanted to reach their workplaces and pay tribute to women directly linked to production."

Facing the most current challenges, the women from Las Tunas reaffirm their support to confront the pandemic, food production and economic ordering. From their avant-garde position, they seek strategies to contribute to the changes that the country is experiencing, which already have the feminine mark on every sphere of Cuban society.