Danny Domínguez Zayas, head of the Design Department

A broad development program aimed at increasing the grain storage capacity in two municipalities of Las Tunas is being proposed by the subsidiary of the National Company of Agricultural Projects (ENPA) in this territory, which will advance towards the construction of some thirty metal silos.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Danny Domínguez Zayas, head of the Design Department, explained that in the municipality of Puerto Padre, specifically in Carúpano, "the investment includes three high-tech Australian cells, with a capacity for seven thousand tons of direct supply from the vessels, which will be distributed in 20 silos, built later, of a thousand tons each."

20 silos will be built.With the support of the National Silos Company (EMSIL), belonging to the Livestock Business Group of the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, these constructions are being carried out in four provinces to guarantee the clearing of grains. In Las Tunas, in the municipality of Manatí, similar investment is also designed, "which plans the assembly of 12 more silos, but these of two thousand tons each, to favor the conservation of the products and thus maintaining the grain quality.”

Domínguez Zayas also reported that the ENPA is inserted in other purposes related not only to the development of various crops but also to livestock. Since the previous year, together with the "Minor Cattle Company, a comprehensive project has been developed to guarantee an increase in livestock production.

"Through direct visits to producers from Las Tunas with a social purpose linked to sheep, goat and rabbit breeding, we are diagnosing their needs and we are going to design a whole production system to increase yields, which include, besides, designs of multiplier and genetic centers of the three species,” Danny said.ENPA Las Tunas collaborates in the province of Guantánamo

With a view also to the sustainable development of the agroforestry sector in the eastern part of the country, to strengthen food security and improve the living conditions of rural families, this unit of agricultural projects collaborates in the province of Guantánamo with the Agroforestry Cooperative Development Project (Prodecafé), financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

"Specifically we are in the Guantánamo municipalities of Yateras and Baracoa, explained the executive, where in the first we work with 16 cooperatives and in the second with 40. These studies will undoubtedly contribute to greater coffee and cocoa productions, both for the substitution of imports, as well as for export, a task in which progress is being made since the first stage has already been completed with 24 production units and we await the arrival of the technology."

ENPA Las Tunas collaborates in the province of Guantánamo Other incentives start in this calendar. "At the design stage, we have a project linked to increasing the production of bio preparations and veterinary drugs with the LABIOFAM Las Tunas Company, in line with national demand and response to the shortage of these supplies.

"Until 2030, the comprehensive program will have an integral approach, where the development of vaccines, biofertilizers and many scientific results applied to animal, plant and human health will also be present."

This year, the National Agricultural Projects Company turns 40 years old and these are examples of its consolidated work to contribute to the agricultural development of the territory, a wide program of well-deserved activities is gestating for these celebrations.