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Lula Is a Victim of a Legal System of Exception, PT Denounces

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Lula Is a Victim of a Legal System of Exception, PT Denounces Photo: PL

The Workers' Party (PT) denounced today the existence in Brazil of "a legal system for the powerful and a system of exception for Lula," who has been a political prisoner for more than 145 days.


Brasilia.- In light of the violence committed yesterday by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) against the rights of Lula and the people who want to elect him President of the Republic, the PT noted that it will continue to fight with all means to guarantee his candidacy in the October 7 elections, the organization said in a communiqué.

The statement was released after most TSE ministers decided to ignore a decision by the United Nations Human Rights Committee and deprive former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of his right to run as a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

'It is a political annulment, based on lies and arbitrariness, as done in times of the dictatorship,' said the text, adding that all resources will be submitted to the courts so that Lula's political rights can be recognized, as established by law and international treaties ratified by Brazil.

The party stressed, "We are going to defend Lula in the streets, along with the people, because he is the candidate of hope."

The PT manifesto recalled that the UN Human Rights Committee has instructed the Brazilian State to guarantee Lula's political rights, including being a presidential candidate, and Brazil has an obligation to comply, because it signed the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The text also pointed out that the TSE accelerated the deadlines to analyze the registration of the leader's candidacy in order to exclude him from the presidential race. This arbitrariness generates legal uncertainty, it remarked.

The violence practiced, it insisted, presents Brazil to the world as a country that does not respect its own laws, does not fulfill its international commitments and manipulates the judicial system, in complicity with the media, to engage in political persecution.

Finally, the PT stressed that Lula's candidacy is the response from the Brazilian people to those who usurped power (through the parliamentary-judicial coup perpetrated in 2016 against Constitutional President Dilma Roussef).

Lula and everything that he represents are above the judicial maneuvers and the persecution by those in power and it is with the people and with him that we will fight to the end, the communiqué stressed. (PL)

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