Wednesday, 24 October 2018 11:18

Seoul Denies Constitutional Violation in Agreements with PDRK

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Seoul Denies Constitutional Violation in Agreements with PDRK Phile photo

The government of South Korea denied today criticism of the opposition on alleged violations of the Constitution for supporting two agreements with the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK) without parliamentary consent.


Seoul.- Kim Eui-kyeom, spokesperson of the presidential office, defended the step taken by the cabinet with the argument that the Carta Magna does not has the PDRK as a foreign nation.

The eve, the cabinet of South Korea supported the peace agreement and another of military content between Seoul and Pyongyang, after deciding they did not require the go ahead of the National Assembly because it complements the Declaration of Panmunjom, issued last April.

After that, president Moon Jae-in ratified both texts.

However, opponents got angry and for the conservative Party Liberty of Korea, that act shows a dogmatic head of government who ignores the people and the legislative.

The governing Democratic Party sustains that the movement responds to the positive development of the Inter-Korean contacts at different levels. (PL)

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