Sunday, 19 February 2017 15:25

New York Times Calls to Stop Trump's Anti-immigrant Fever

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Washington, United States.- The New York Times calls in an editorial today to stop the anti-immigrant fever unleashed by US President Donald Trump, whose first month of administration is labeled malevolent incompetence.


According to the influential newspaper, one of the most aggressive against the policies of the president 45 of the union, many people can not sleep because of the worry of losing their families, jobs and homes, before the White House crusade to deport Undocumented immigrants.

'About 11 million people in this country live without documents, and suddenly, by a presidential decree, they are all criminals and are threatened with their families. The end for them can come at any time, 'warns the newspaper.

In this regard, they are not criminals, as Trump insists on labeling them, but about human beings who try to build an honest life, turned into fearful fugitives.

For The New York Times, those who are willing to resist the new administration have a lot to do, not enough time.

In this regard, it highlighted the actions of so-called sanctuary cities, where their authorities refuse to incorporate deportation forces into the local police and take legal steps to protect the undocumented.

The daily also criticizes today Trump's attacks on Mexico and its anti-Muslim decree, and welcomes the reaction of many US citizens against the initiative to veto the entry of immigrants from seven countries where Islam predominates.

The New York Times questions Turmp's removal of the orders of his predecessor in the White House, Democrat Barack Obama, to direct immigration measures to arrest criminals and those who pose a risk to national security, and threats to cut off Federal funds to shrine cities.

Their priority has been to sow fear, hence the importance of the alliance of those who recognize the threat that Trump means to US identity and their efforts to accelerate the arrival of the day when we can break the anti-immigrant fever, it concludes. (PL)

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