Friday, 11 January 2019 10:17

Vietnamese Home-Made Satellite to Be Launched

Written by PL
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Vietnam will launch a satellite of its own manufacture from Japanese national territory next week, with civil objectives, confirmed the National Space Center of Vietnam Thursday.


Hanoi.- Designed and handled by a team including 36 Vietnamese highly qualified engineers, the satellite is called "Micro Dragon" and will be launched on Thursday, January 17 from the Uchinoura Space Center of Japan, propelled by an EPSILON-4 rocket produced by Japan.

The 50-kilogram satellite passed several tests with optimal results, and now, when it orbits the Earth, it will be fulfilling scientific, meteorological and technical missions related with agriculture, fishing and others.

The device will be able to send high resolution images that will be used to exchange data with other countries, to improve the responding capacity at national and regional level to natural disasters and climatic change variations.

The National Space Center of Vietnam plans to construct another two bigger satellites in the next future. (PL)

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