Friday, 11 January 2019 10:52

Venezuelan President Will Shortly Announce New Economic Measures

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Venezuelan President Will Shortly Announce New Economic Measures Photo: PL

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will shortly announce when he addresses the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) new financial measures to strengthen the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity Program.


Caracas.- He made the announcement on Thursday during his inaugural speech in the swearing in ceremony in front of the Supreme Court of Justice as new president for the constitutional period 2019-2025. He said that the plan of actions has been designed to counter sanctions imposed by the United States Government and its allies, which seek to choke Venezuela.

Maduro stressed that with the application of the government plan the State is aiming at establishing a fiscal and tax balance, the stabilization of prices of products, defense of wages of the working class and the strengthening of Petro, as a Venezuelan cryptocurrency.

He also stressed that the Plan de la Patria (Plan for the Homeland), the Government's program for the new term of office, focuses on three fundamental lines: the consolidation of peace, independence and national unity, economic recovery, and the fight against indolence, bureaucratism, corruption and wrong-doing. (PL)

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