Friday, 25 January 2019 16:49

UN Demands Collective Response to Climate Impact on Security

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UN Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, Rosemary Di Carlo said today that the security implications of climate change requires a collective response because they are everyone's problem.


United Nations.- Speaking at a Security Council meeting, the senior representative warned that the risks associated with climate change are a reality for millions of people on the planet.

But the worst consequences are felt in regions that are already vulnerable and where climate change worsens other existing problems, she added.

We must now move from words to action, he said, because more political will is needed to address these issues.

Climate change affects peace and security in indirect but equally serious ways: the UN Security Council has repeatedly recognised these devastating effects in different regions of Africa, he recalled.

The UN Security Council is holding an open debate on Friday on the impact of climate-related disasters on international peace and security. (PL)

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