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Lula Summarizes Struggle for Democracy in Brazil, Rousseff Says

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Lula Summarizes Struggle for Democracy in Brazil, Rousseff Says Photo: PL

Former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva Lula summarizes today the struggle for democracy in Brazil, where fighting and demanding his full release means to confront the neo-fascist military, judicial and media apparatus.


Brasilia.- The statement was made by former President Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) in a long article, a version of which was published on the website portal Brasil de Fato recently to mark the third anniversary of the juridical-parliamentary coup that removed her from office.

"Lula is the voice of resistance and carries the banner of the democratic struggle. Even in prison, he is the greatest enemy of the neo-fascism that threatens us," Rousseff noted.

She pointed out that the ex-union leader, who has been in prison since April 7, 2018, for alleged corruption, has shown the Brazilian people, in each of his gestures, which have become public, "that it is possible to resist even under the worst conditions."

His moral force strengthens us, his fighting spirit encourages us, his integrity makes us fight for his freedom, which also represents the democratic freedoms of all Brazilians, added Rousseff, who underlined that "Lula is on the right side of history."

In her article, Rousseff charged that "three years ago, the House of Deputies, headed by a lawmaker who was sentenced for corruption, approved the opening of an impeachment process against me, without any crime of responsibility to justify that decision."

She noted that the voting at the plenary session was one of the most infamous moments in Brazilian history. It embarrassed Brazil before itself and the world. (PL)

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