Wednesday, 08 May 2019 10:13

Venezuelan Justice Investigates Those Involved in Attempted Coup

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The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and the Public Ministry of Venezuela are carrying out an investigation to determine those involved in the attempted coup d'état on April 30, when five people were killed.


Caracas.- National Constituent Assembly (ANC) Speaker Diosdado Cabello noted on Tuesday that the legislature authorized the continuation of the trials of six lawmakers from the plenipotentiary body in contempt, who "flagrantly participated" in the coup last week.

In that regard, Cabello said that three other opposition parliamentarians were identified in the investigations, and their names will be disclosed in the next few hours.

As part of the judicial process, the attorney general of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, told reporters that so far, 233 people have been arrested for their alleged participation in the latest destabilizing actions by the right wing.

According to the official, after the coup attacks, the Public Ministry issued 18 arrest warrants against civilians and military officers, including the former chief of the Bolivarian National Guard Detachment at the Legislative Palace, Ilich Sánchez Farias, he noted.

In that regard, Saab explained that Sánchez lied to his troops by telling them that they would carry out a routine operation and transferring them to the Altamira Distributor, east of Caracas, where the opposition leaders Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López were leading the actions.

Venezuelan authorities charged that the operation aimed to instill violence in society as part of the agenda of the right wing, which does not recognize the country's legitimate authorities. (PL)

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