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Cristina Fernández as Vice President in Argentine Electoral Candidacy (+Video)

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Cristina Fernández as Vice President in Argentine Electoral Candidacy (+Video) Photo: PL

Argentine Senator and former president Cristina Fernández has announced on Saturday her candidacy as vice president, accompanying former chief of staff Alberto Fernández for the upcoming elections in October 2019.

Buenos Aires.- "I have asked Alberto Fernández to lead the formula that we will be part of together: he as candidate for president and me for vice president to run for the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections," the former president said in a video she uploaded in Twitter.

In her opinion, the country's situation is dramatic and she is convinced that this candidacy is the one that "best expresses what Argentina currently needs to bring together the broadest political and social sectors."

Fernández expressed her confidence in her running mate, who previously served as chief of staff for the late President Nestor Kirchner and during her first term in office.

Those were very hard times, although not as difficult as today, in which the foreign debt of the last three years is larger than the one Nestor received, and in which we have as an aggravating factor that almost 40 percent is with the International Monetary Fund, Cristina Fernández pointed out. She added it's her patriotic duty to return to the polls in this scenario, even though holding political office was never her main motivation, but "expectations and personal ambition have to be subordinated to the general interest."

She also highlighted the challenge of leading a complex Argentina under its current situation. It is going to be about having to govern Argentina again in ruins, with people again impoverished.

"It is clear, then, that the ruling coalition will have to be much broader than the one that won the elections (in 2015). It is time to make it happen once and for all," she concluded. (PL)

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