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FARC Party in Colombia Demands Dignified Treatment for Santrich (+Video)

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FARC Party in Colombia Demands Dignified Treatment for Santrich (+Video) Photo: Taken from PL

The FARC leadership demanded the Colombian State due process and dignified treatment for Jesús Santrich as a political prisoner and given his status as a signer of the Peace Agreement.

Bogotá.- At a press conference in this capital, the National Political Council of the FARC (Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común) vigorously rejected the recapture of Santrich Friday at the door of the La Picota prison in Bogotá, in what he described as a grotesque spectacle.

Santrich's most basic human rights were violated, affecting his physical and emotional health, denounced Senator Carlos Antonio Lozada on behalf of the leadership of the Fariano party.

The congressman added that at the same time basic principles of the legal system and the Social Rule of Law were violated, such as respect for the freedom granted and due process.

The illegal detention of Santrich, set up by the Prosecutor's Office, is an act of frank ignorance of the Constitution and the Special Justice of Peace (JEP), by circumventing one of its rulings and trying to weaken the fundamental pillar of the Peace Agreement, said Lozada .

The leadership of the rose party warned that the intention to leave Santrich outside the JEP and to try to condemn it based on fraudulent evidence undermines the trust of the ex-combatants who laid down their arms and bet on peace.

For this reason, the National Political Council of the FARC asked the president of the country, Iván Duque, for a meeting in the shortest possible time with a delegation of the party to be able to transmit the concerns they have in relation to what happened.

The former commander of the once largest and oldest guerrilla in Latin America, demanded the immediate release of Santrich and ratified the commitment of the ex-combatants to the construction of peace. (PL)

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