Tuesday, 21 May 2019 10:05

Italian Air Transport Workers Carry Out 24-Hour Strike

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Italian air transport workers are currently engaged in a 24-hour national strike, demanding better wages and working conditions.

Rome.- The strike convened by four trade union organizations, excluding controllers, involves pilots and flight attendants of Alitalia, Blue Air and Blu Panorama, maintenance technicians and land personnel of the companies, baggage handling, supply and airport management.

The trade associations denounced in a statement "the serious situation this sector is going through in Italy, despite the strong growth in the number of passengers."

The appeal calls for a renewal of the collective contract of employment with a legislation that backs it up and makes a minimum normative and retributive reference for all air transportation workers in Italy.

The trade unions also demand the "structural financing of the Solidarity Fund for air transport" and "a certain future for Alitalia workers," an ex-national flag that has been undergoing an extraordinary administration process for just over two years. (PL)

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