Sunday, 09 June 2019 14:46

US Already Returned 12,000 Migrants to Mexico, Will Reach 60,000

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The US has returned some 12,000 migrants to Mexico since January. They must wait for an answer to the asylum application there and reports added 2019 US plan is to deport 60,000 Mexicans.


Mexico.- Governmental sources foresee that after the agreement signed on Friday between the two countries, 2019 concludes with such huge mass of Central Americans in Mexico to whom the government is committed to provide total attention, including food, work, house and health services.

The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, tweeted ´Let´s move on´ and reported to offer job opportunities, access to health services and education for foreigners in Mexico, for those having entered the country in an orderly, regulated and safe way.

She assured that the presidential cabinet is united to watch over the dignity of Mexico and the friendship with the United States and Canada.

In June of 2018, 9, 577 foreigners in irregular situation were registered to the National Institute of Migration (INM), but only in the first week of this month, the account of citizens' registers filed with the authorities reached 6, 760.

Last year, in the first five months 54,412 migrants were registered to the organization, in the same period of 2019 the sum was 74,301; that is, an increase of 26.7 percent. (PL)

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