Monday, 10 June 2019 10:51

Russia Announces Poverty Reduction

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Russia Announces Poverty Reduction Photo: Taken from PL

The number of poor people in 2018 fell in Russia by 400,000 people (12.9 percent), Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Galikova reported on Monday.


Moscow.- On January, it was reported that during first nine months, Russia´s poverty rate reached 13.3 percent of population, that is, people who live below the poverty line, which was adjusted to the national minimum wage last year.

Galikova told Izvestia newspaper that redoubling poverty reduction is one of the country's main goals.

The solution to solve the aforementioned scourge is, on the one hand, to increase the social aid base of different types and, on the other hand, to strive for an adequate economic growth, he stated.

According to the Vice Minister of Government, Tiba is the most affected Russian region with 40.5 percent of its population below poverty line, because of low-employment rate there.

The high birth rate in Tiba leads to poverty hitting particularly strong, to a great extent, large families, the Russian official said.

On May, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the so-called May Directives, in which he outlined his key development plans up to 2024, including to halve Russia's poverty rate.

Russia is intending to become the globe's fifth economy, significantly increase housing construction and wage levels, and double its Gross Domestic Product, as well as speed up development of high technologies, including artificial intelligence. (PL)

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