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Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Involved in Lava Jato Leaks

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Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Involved in Lava Jato Leaks Photo: The Intercept

Days after revealing illegal conversations between ex-judge Sergio Moro and anti-corruption operation Lava Jato prosecutors, The Intercept website has posted other messages that compromised on Thursday the Vice President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Luiz Fux.


Brasilia.- According to The Intercept, in a message dated April 22, 2016, the coordinator of the task force of Lava Jato case, attorney Deltan Dallagnol, told Moro about his conversation with Fux that day.

Secret Brazil Archive

During the conversation, Dallagnol said that Fux declared support for Moro - at the time as responsible judge of Lava Jato processes in the Federal Justice of Parana - in a "fall of arm" with the then Minister of the Supreme Court Theori Zavascki, who passed away in January 2017 in an aircrash.

Moro and Dallagnol were always accused of operating together in the Lava Jato, but there was no explicit evidence of that joint action so far, the website remarks.

"This is just the beginning of what we are intending to do: a continuing journalistic investigation of Moro's and procurator Deltan Dallagnol's actions, and the task force of Lava Jato case, as well as the behavior of countless individuals who still have huge political and economic power inside and outside of Brazil," according to an editorial signed by Intercept journalists.

In 2017, Moro sentenced former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to nine years and six months in prison for allegedly having received a beach apartment in Sao Paulo, in exchange for political favors to OAS Construction Company.

The Intercept's disclosures unmasked Moro, questioned his impartiality and confirmed his political repression against Lula. (PL)

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