Friday, 14 June 2019 17:09

Chile Searches for Workers Trapped in a Mine

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Chile Searches for Workers Trapped in a Mine Photo: PL

Emergency personnel and firefighters have continued searching in hope of rescueing three Bolivian miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Tocopilla, northern Chile.


Santiago de Chile.- The three miners were unable escape from that mining enclave when on Thursday afternoon there was a collpase that obstructed their exit and according to the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) they are 70 meters deep.

In statements to Radio Biobio, Luis Moyano, mayor of Tocopilla, explained that they are three Bolivian citizens of 19, 45 and 57 years old and although their health condition is unknown, firefighters were able to communicate with them by the sound of stones.

However, the mayor explained that it would take hours to extract the debris, and then rescue the miners.

Firefighters, the Sernageomin and a group of specialists are working to rescue these people.


La Paz.- Bolivian President Evo Morales has expressed his concern over the three Bolivians trapped in the San Jose mine in Tocopilla, Chile, and thanked the country's authorities for the rescue efforts.

Dismayed by the three compatriots trapped in the San Jose de Tocopilla mine in Chile. Very grateful to the Chilean authorities and their President @sebastianpinera who are working to free them. We are willing to collaborate in whatever is needed, he wrote in Twitter.

For his part, Foreign Minister Diego Pary expressed the government's optimism about the rescue of the Bolivians, who were trapped in that mine in northern Chile after a collapse.

"Let's hope that contact with people can be made as soon as possible. We as a government will be closely following all the actions being carried out by the Government of Chile. They have mentioned to us that they have all the specialists, with the experts in the matter," he stated.

During a radio address in the New Homeland Network, Pary confirmed that he is in constant coordination with the Chilean authorities, and that the Bolivian Consul in Calama has already arrived at the mine to accompany and support the relatives.

"We have been informed that there has been no visual contact or verbal communication with the trapped miners, but because of the signs that have made, because of the noises that have been generated, it is considered that they are trying to contact people outside," he said.

The mayor of the Chilean province of Antofagasta, Marco Antonio Díaz, confirmed that the three miners responded to the sound stimuli that were emitted inside the deposit to verify if they are still alive.

According to press sources, the three Bolivians trapped are Leonardo Condori, 64, Salomón Veinzaga (45) and Lenin Veinzaga (19).

Chile's National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) reported that the three are trapped at a depth of 70 meters in the Directory 8 Mine in the city of Tocopilla, and that fire teams and other institutions are already in the area. (PL)

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