Saturday, 22 June 2019 22:36

Mexico to Deploy 1,800 Guards in Chihuahua

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Alfonso Durazo Montaño, Secretary of Protection and Citizen Security, announced Saturday that 1,800 national guards will be deployed in the state of Chuhuahua, starting June 30.


Mexico.- In statements to journalists, the official said that the same day, is the registration of 52,000 guards throughout the country, and clarified that in the case of Chihuahua the 4,000 members of the Army that are in operation will be maintained because they will help the police of the three levels of government.

Besides that day, the first generation of the 'Pie Veterano' (veteran Foot) will graduate, coming from the Military, Naval and Federal Police, which will be distributed in the 150 regions in which the country has been divided.

This first generation of the National Guard consists of 21,179 soldiers, the second will leave in September and the third in December, to close the year with 82,000 soldiers, he said.

Durazo Montaño thanked the governors of Sonora for their support for the initiative to create the National Guard, because thanks to their political support, this proposal could be approved practically unanimously.

The agreements related to the zone of the Mexican Northwest will be presented in the session of the National Council of Public Security in the National Palace on July 8, around issues such as the model of police and civic justice, in addition to the prison system, said the secretary . (PL)

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