Speaking before the UN Security Council during a virtual, on-line meeting, the Venezuelan ambassador said: "We can demonstrate before the world the armed actions against my country.The Ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, denounced the governments of the United States and Colombia as participants in the maritime incursion against his country on May 3rd.

United Nations.- Speaking before the UN Security Council during a virtual, online meeting, the Venezuelan ambassador said: "We can demonstrate before the world the armed actions against my country. The U.S. and Colombian governments facilitated the planning, financing and training of mercenaries. Today they are protecting groups of mercenaries and terrorists who committed attacks to carry out the murder of civilians, commit selective assassinations of members of the government and assassinate President Maduro."

The representative to the United Nations for Venezuela reiterated that the UN Charter of member countries is being systematically violated. "The United States and Colombia violated the norms of international law, above all Resolution 4 and Security Council 239, which condemn that a state allows or tolerates the recruitment of mercenaries or the provision of facilities to carry out the overthrow of a member state."

"The United States and Colombia have violated Resolution 1279, which states that countries should prevent in their territories the preparation or financing of terrorist actions; Resolution 1373, which implies that states should avoid giving support to entities, persons involved in terrorist actions, including providing arms to terrorists; Resolution 1456, which urges states to help each other investigate and punish acts of terrorism, noting that those who assist or perpetrate a terrorist act should be prosecuted."

Ambassador Samuel Moncada reiterated that the White House and Colombia refuse to contact Venezuelan authorities to avoid impunity and punish those responsible for the maritime incursion, "on May 13 the U.S. government included Venezuela on an illegal list, as a country that does not cooperate against terrorism, which is a cynical accusation that occurs days after an attack by terrorists with the support of U.S. officials (...) They use their information apparatus to falsify attacks. We cannot accept the illegal killing of people around the world, protecting ourselves in the use of force," he said.

Faced with the illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on Venezuela by Washington, Moncada reiterated that the illegal measure violates the United Nations Charter. "The U.S. government has admitted that it is exerting pressure on companies not to send gasoline into the country. What would happen if, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, New York had no gasoline? This would be a crime against humanity. This is what the U.S. is doing against 30 million Venezuelans," he added.

"Coercion joins a new danger: The threat of the use of military violence against tankers that come to Venezuela with fuel, violating the freedom of trade and navigation. If the threat materializes, it will be an armed action against the ships and the people of Venezuela." (RHC)