Participants in the protests in the Plaza de la Dignidad are not violent and irrational radicalsParticipants in the protests in the Plaza de la Dignidad, in this capital, are far from being violent and irrational radicals, as they have been described by the official propaganda, sociological research revealed today.

Santiago de Chile.- On the contrary, 32 percent of those who have been demonstrating since October 18 at this emblematic site are university graduates, 12 percent have completed technical education, and one out of every ten has completed postgraduate studies.

This characterization was established by the Núcleo de Sociología Contingente (Nudesoc), a study center of the University of Chile, through open interviews for several days in November of a sample of 886 people over 18 years old, in the same scenario of the clashes between demonstrators and police forces.

Called the Ground Zero Survey, the study revealed that the average age of protesters is 33, while 75 percent of those surveyed were under 40, and all had a very clear idea of why they were attending the protests.

This is reflected in the fact that among the main demands of the social movement, 75 percent propose an increase in pensions, 57 percent favor improved public health and 56 percent call for better quality education; percentages that coincide with what is reflected in other surveys at the national level.

The Constitution is the fifth priority among protesters here, as 83.9 percent support a new Constitution; 83.8 percent support a Constituent Assembly to draft it, and 84 percent agree that this is the first step towards solving the crisis and that without it the country will not see effective social change. (PL)