Mexicans students donated sports implements to the University of Las Tunas

The link between the University of Las Tunas and the "Justo Sierra Méndez" Rural Normal School of Aguascalientes, Mexico has been strengthened through work agreements between both nations, to achieve more prepared professionals with better study conditions.

The "Luis Urquiza," a flagship of pre-university education in Las Tunas

Humanity has been scientific since its beginnings; it is in our DNA. In the struggle for survival and understanding the world, curiosity has always been at the center. All of this is present in those who approach science intending to use it to decode the universe and move forward with their dreams.

Ceremony of entry into the José Martí Pioneer Organization

The blue scarf, a symbol of Cuban identity, transparency, the beauty of our childhood, and an education focused on the development of girls and boys, was once again tied around the necks of first graders throughout Cuba. "I'm already a pioneer!", a phrase repeated with joy, was mixed with the collective desire that "We will be like Che!" could be more than a desire, it could be a reality.